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It has been asked what the terms exotic domestic and highly figured mean.  While the terms can vary depending on who you are asking, here at Detorno the terms mean:


The term Exotic refers to any number of woods that originate outside of the United States or Canada.  Though this is a broad brush and could include thousands of wood species, we look for those whose grain is interestingly unique or whose availability is limited.  Some examples are:  {Long tap (mobile) or hover over (desktop) the picture to see its name.}




The term Domestic refers to any tree species that is harvested in the United States or Canada.  When choosing domestic woods we look for interesting grain patterns that can be formed by normal growing conditions (where a branch was) or by outside influences (insects or disease) some well know examples of the latter are birds eye maple where the eyes are caused by an unknown source or ambrosia maple where a green to brown stain is formed when a fungus attacks the tree that is carried by the Ambrosia beetle which bores into the tree.  some examples of these woods are:  {Long tap (mobile) or hover over (desktop) the picture to see its name.}

          Black Walnut               


Highly Figured


The term Highly Figured refers to the actual grain in the wood and is not limited to any particular species of tree.  This figuring can occur from: the environment that the tree was growing, insects, fungus, bacteria, or some other type of mutation.  You will most commonly hear these referred to as burl and spaulting.  It can also be something as simple as where a branch came out of the trunk or even the area below ground which contains the roots. 






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